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We help ethical businesses tell their story and show the impact of their work in order to attract more customers, donors, and volunteers.
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Mobile and Video Marketing

Impact Storytelling

We design & develop video marketing campaigns that reach consumers on their favorite device and build more transparent brands by telling the human stories behind every ethical product.

Other Premium Services:


We travel to gather the stories of your producers (artisans/farmers) through video and photography.

Video Editing

We create videos using the content we have collected for you during a shooting or existing content from our media library.

Stock Photos

We’ve been traveling around the world collecting the producers photos for many years. Now you can benefit from them.

Product Photography

Get beautiful photos of your products with white/black background or lifestyle format.

Our Work

Our Clients

What we observed

You are great at helping people... but not so much at marketing

During the last 8 years we’ve been working hand in hand with fair trade & ethical businesses like yours around the world. Over and over we’ve identified a specific pain you guys were dealing with: you are really good at improving people’s lives with your projects but fail to effectively communicate the impact you are making to your target audience.

This often translates into amateurish websites, inconsistent visual branding and poor storytelling which all put you at risk of turning away potential customers.

How we can help

We tell your story and show the impact you are making to the world

We have become experts at showing (not just telling) the positive impacts of fair trade & ethical trade to all sorts of audiences. To do so we create short and engaging digital stories with video and photography. But this alone is not why you should work with us! Indeed, any decent communication agency could achieve the same result. What makes us different is that we deeply understand your reality as a social business or a fair trade organization. Thus understanding how to best communicate to your target audience.

By choosing us you will also save yourself the hassle of having to explain what fair trade is, how it changes lives or how we should travel to Bangladesh or rural Bolivia.
We already know!

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The largest media library on fair trade

Use this to promote fair trade & your products

Customer Testimonial

Lewi Cuaca


“Fair Trade Connection makes it easier for us to work with a cameraman or a photographer. They exactly understand the background of the industry: they know about fair trade and about organic farming, they can easily communicate with our farmers and turn that into a very nice video that everybody can understand.”


Online Community of ChangeMakers

Join our growing community of ChangeMakers on Facebook and improve your marketing skills by accessing our premium content and interacting with like-minded social entrepreneurs.


Fair Trade Academy

Discover our learning platform for social businesses.
We have hundreds of lessons you can choose from to improve your marketing skills!


Fair Trade Ambassadors

Participate in our international volunteering program and become a fair trade ambassador. You'll receive a training and travel around the world to document the impact of ethical business with us.

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