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3 apps you must have on your facebook page

There are thousands of applications out there and we know it is not easy to choose the right ones. In this post we handpicked the 3 apps that you must have to promote your fair trade business with your facebook page.

1/ Customize your landing tab

It has been demonstrated with an experiment that having a customized landing tab doubles your chances to convert people visiting your page for the first time into fans.

During the experiment, visitors were driven to a fan page with ads. Those ad-driven visitors converted to fans at a rate of approximately 47% WITH a landing tab. Then the landing tab has been turned off and it has been noticed that those same ad-driven visitors converted to fans at approximately 23%

Many people use Static FBML or Tabsite to customize their landing page. A good landing page must contain a “call to action” such as “hit the like button to follow us”. Be creative.

You can read those 2 well-made tutorials to learn more about customized landing tabs.

Here is an example of a good landing page: Oxfam GB

2/ Import your blog’s RSS feed

You want your fans to know when there is something new on your blog. Use the networkedblogs app to do that.

You  can also place the networked blogs widget on your blog it will display your fans’ profile photos on your blog.

3/ Link your YouTube channel to your page

Thanks to this app from Involver, you can integrate your YouTube channel to your page. It will let you choose which videos you want to display among other options. It is easy to use and doesn’t take users away from your fan page to view the videos.

See an example of YouTube integration on a facebook fan page here.


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