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Social Media has taken the world by storm and become an integrated part of the way we TEXTcommunicate in both our personal lives and in business. Social media is a low cost, effective way to increase the global reach and success of your company.

Unfortunately, after working with a myriad of fair trade companies, it’s clear that social media marketing and visual design are not meeting the global standard in the fair trade sector. Together, we can transform this by taking your digital marketing to a professional level that creates impact and gets people talking about your business.


We’re active and experienced in the field of digital marketing and visual design. Our social media mix includes a blog, YouTubeFacebook, Flickr, Instagram and Twitter. Our goals are to reach out to more people with our fair trade stories, drive more traffic to our website and generate more business opportunities across the globe. This 4-year-experience has been very interesting and today we would like to share what we have learned with you.


We’ve been busy facilitating digital marketing trainings for different fair trade companies and NGO’s, achieving encouraging results in more than 10 countries. During these trainings, we help you develop an online marketing strategy and use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the newest platforms to promote your organization.
You can listen to some of our customers testimonials here.
customized-digital marketing trainings for your company


In 2013 we conducted a research on the use of social media by 42 fair trade companies. You can freely download our REPORT HERE which also includes some insider tips to improve your social media strategy.trainings-new

We’ve designed 8 modules covering different areas of digital marketing (average of 2,5 hours each) from which you can choose to create your customized training.

our digital marketing modules

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01. Visual Design Workshop

This module focuses on building or giving a facelift to your company’s visual identity. Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Why is Visual Design so important?
  • Tips to create high quality visual content
  • How to build your visual identity
  • How to use Canva/Photoshop

02. Digital Photography Workshop

This module starts with covering theory on the following:

  • How to use your DSLR camera to its fullest potential
  • Tips to avoid classic mistakes in photography
  • How to take great product photographies
  • Visual Storytelling through photography

In the second part of the module you’ll get off your chair and start shooting photos with your camera under the supervision of our expert photographers.

03. Facebook Marketing Workshop

Facebook is the place to be for your business with 1 out of 7 human beings active on the social network, you just can’t afford to ignore it. This module aims at developping your strategy on the largest social plateform. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Build/Optimize your Facebook page
  • What kind of content to share on Facebook
  • Create a posting strategy

04. SEO Workshop

SEO means Search Engine Optimization or the science to rank higher on Google. This module is about understanding how search engines work in order gain visibility in the search result pages.
Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Why bringing traffic to your website is so important?
  • Tips to improve your ranking on search engines
  • Identify and optimize keywords
  • How to give more exposure to your website

05. Blogging Workshop

Having a blog can help your business gain more visibility and be perceived as an authority in your industry.
This module will guide you through the basics of blogging:

  • Why is blogging so important?
  • How to set up a WordPress blog
  • What kind of content should I write
  • How to write successful posts
  • Generate 25 post ideas to get started
  • Tips to reach more people with your posts

06. Video Marketing Workshop

Fact: video is getting more attention than any other kind of content on social media!
This module is about becoming comfortable with video marketing and having all the cards in your hand to start telling your story with videos.
You’ll go through the following points:photography-WS-chiang-mai

  • Why do marketers give so much importance to video content nowadays?
  • Develop a Facebook & YouTube video strategy
  • What kind of videos should you produce?
  • How to grow your audience and spread your message

07. E-mail Marketing Workshop

E-mail is not dead! As a matter of fact, for many businesses it is still the number one lead generation tool.
This module covers everything there is to know to create successful e-mail campaigns with MailChimp.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to build an effective e-mail list
  • What is Mailchimp and how to use it?
  • Generate catchy subject lines to improve your open rate
  • Understand e-mail analytics to optimize your campaigns

08. Networking and Generating Leads with Social Media Workshop

Social media is about connecting with people, ideally the right people!
This module will teach you specific techniques to find and connect with influencers in your industry.
Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to find and connect with the right people
  • Find influencers in your industry and tap into their network
  • Use social media platforms to grow your network
  • How to convert your leads into buying customers



social media marketingHere are 4 reasons why you should work with us:

  • We understand the reality of fair trade organizations better than anyone else
  • We already successfully trained 20 organizations and NGO’s on 4 continents
  • Our network counts both the largest retailers and producers in the fair trade industry
  • We adapt to your needs and deliver results

What more, we come to you! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and together we can transform your social media communications.

Without a social media strategy, you may be at risk of hurting your online image.
The more we travel and meet fair trade organizations, the more we realize efforts need to be done in order to improve these companies’ visual identity and online marketing in general.

We’ve decided to take on the challenge and be an agent of change in the industry with our Digital Marketing Trainings. We say NO to ugly websites and NO to neglected Facebook pages.

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Our 50 Best Photos of ALLPA [Peru]

By | Photos, South America

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Photos by Ronny Hermosa

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What to post on your Facebook Page?

By | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

I’m often asked this question during our Digital Marketing workshops, so with this post I’ve decided to share some of the visual content that has been posted on FTC’s Facebook page.
This is of course not exhaustive, it is just our modest attempt to look good and publish regular content featuring the fair trade people we met on the road. There is no limit to what you can create and post on social media, be bold, be creative, be YOU!

Our 50 Best Photos of GIE Targanine [Morocco]

By | Africa, Photos

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Photos by Ronny Hermosa

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Your website hurt my eyes: 5 free and easy tools to help with visual design

By | Digital Marketing, Visual Design

Business woman with tired eyes and stressLet’s not beat around the bush, most of the fair trade producers’ organizations I visit have a problem with their website. I’m not saying that it’s not interesting, or that it doesn’t contain the necessary information… I’m just saying it’s plain ugly! And most of them agree with me.
So I started to ask myself why these fair trade businesses (that develop and export good looking products on the other hand) struggle so much with web design and visual communication in general?

Early in my analysis I noticed a clear difference between “Northern” (retailers, fair trade federations and NGO’s) and “Southern” organizations in terms of design. Much more importance is given to visual communication in the North and as a result their website but also business cards, Facebook pages and print materials seems to be more “professional”. Southern organizations also seem to invest less time and resources in marketing and visual design, it is simply not a priority for them.

One of Fair Trade Connection’s mission is to help fair trade producers gain more visibility. We of course do that through our core business of producing videos but since we encountered so many organizations that were struggling with their brand image and visual communication, we’ve developed social media and visual design trainings that we propose along the way.
These 5 free tools have been borrowed from our training on visual design.

1/ ColorLovers
From all the tools, this one is my favorite. ColorLovers is a website that focuses on colors…as you might have guessed already.
paletteTheir main feature is their palette library. A palette is a selection of colors that match well together. Usually palettes display from 3 to 5 different colors. The awesome thing about this website is that it gives you the HEX and RGB references so that you can reproduce the exact color you are seeing in photoshop or similar softwares. palette 2

Just copy the HEX number of the color you like, paste it in photoshop… and voila!
Browse the thousands of palettes by date, popularity or number of likes. The website also features an interesting pattern library. Try it now!

2/ Color picker add-on for Firefox
This is the perfect companion for any graphic designer or anyone involved in the creation of visual designs. This little Firefox add-on will install a color picker (similar to the one you find in photoshop) in your browser. Allowing you to pick any color you like while surfing your favorite websites or social networks.
color pickerJust click on the color picker to open a small window in the top left corner of your screen, then move your mouse anywhere to receive the HEX and RGB references. Press ESC to copy the HEX. This is great to grab a color you like on the fly.

3/ Snipping Tool
This is screen capture made easy. Or super easy.
Forget the hassle of going through a print screen then paste in a photo editor, snipping tool will allow you to capture whatever is on your screen with only 2 clicks. You can also highlight or add annotations with the simple tools that are offered to you.
snipping tool
The best thing about Snipping Tool is that you already have it installed on your computer (if you have a windows computer).

Find it under: Start Menu/Accessories/Snipping Tool

4/ Free Fonts Sites
As a designer you’ll always need nfontew and appropriate fonts for a Facebook post, the new product catalog or that flyer that needed to be done for yesterday. Of course you could use the same old fonts that you have already installed on your computer, but there are plenty of free websites out there that will allow you to grow your font collection. The influence of fonts is simply HUGE, different fonts can totally change the tone of a piece of design. Choosing the right font is very important but not always easy. At least now, you’ll have plenty of choice.

I personally like to go through blog posts that have already skimmed the best fonts for us, doing this will save you time and spare your eyes. Indeed finding and selecting fonts is a time consuming process. Why not use the work of other people who have already done that for you. Moreover, these blog posts usually display visuals created with the fonts, which allows you to have a better idea of how they look like and what you could do with them.
Here are a few examples of posts that have done a good job selecting fonts.
If you don’t know how to install new fonts, watch this video.

5/ Social Media Design Blueprints
If you are in charge of the visual communication of your organization that means that you will most definitely post those designs on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. But do you know the dimensions of the Facebook cover image? Or the Google+ profile picture?
Each of these platforms have different sizing guidelines and finding out about them before starting your designs will save you a great deal of hassle.

Fortunately for us, some nice bloggers out there have compiled most of what we need to know in easy to read infographics.


Be sure to update your sources regularly as social media sites keep on changing their designs. Use the keyword “Social Media Design Blueprints + date” in Google to find what you are looking for.


Taking Fair Trade Connection back to school

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This month has been a return to my roots. Not only did I return to my motherland, Belgium, but on 9 October 2014 I also returned to my former high school! No, not to re-sit exams, but to give a talk about Fair Trade Connection to a group of students sitting in the very chairs where I once sat.

Why did I go back? Well, this year we once again received financial support from Belgium Technical Coorporation (BTC) to organise an event during Fair Trade Week. We chose to use the funds to set up an education day at Virton high school.

We split the event into two parts: the first part began in the morning at 9.30am. Fair Trade Connection giving a speech to school in VirtonMore than 50 fourth-year students crammed into the one classroom ready for us to get going with our two-hour session. I introduced myself and my background, which naturally evolved into a general discussion on fair trade. I was impressed at how informed the students were! Things then started to get heated as a debate organized by the teacher took place. The mood was ‘How fair is fair trade?’, and the fourth graders touched on some very interesting points.

To tell our story of FTC to the students, I thought it was only logical to show what we do best —video! Once the beamer was set up, it was time for lights, camera and action. First up was the clip We can make your products speak’, followed by an educative video about fairtrade made for Oxfam Magasins du Monde.

At 7pm, once the tables were laid with nibbles and the drinks were poured (thanks to Virton’s Oxfam Shop), the public started to roll in for the second part of the event. I didn’t expect so many people to show up! Excited by the 60 or so guests, I kicked things off with a presentation on what FTC has achieved in 2014. Fair Trade Connection Virton CTB 2014The crowd was very eager to hear anecdotes about our travels, which have taken us from Thailand and Indonesia to Bangladesh and India, and more recently, to Morocco.

And then came my favorite part—photo time! We had prepared a collection of 14 photographs from our work this year and organized them into an exhibition around the gymnasium. People had the opportunity to take their time and check out our work.

Each picture was linked to a QR code which people could scan with their phones and tablets to watch a video which told them more about the subject. For many, this was the first time they had experimented with QR codes and it was a huge hit amongst the audience.

The day served as a moment for me to stop and reflect. After what felt like months of living out of a suitcase, traveling from one remote village to another, it felt good to recap on everything we have accomplished throughout this year. To top it off, this took place in my old gym hall, in front of friends, family, teachers, and other people from the community who have followed FTC from its beginning. It felt like a return to the roots of where FTC was born and where our ambition was fueled.

Thanks Virton, hope to see you again next year!

Need a fair trade video? We’ve got what you need!

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Visit our fair trade media database

Are you looking to communicate your Fair Trade story to the public and your consumers? Let our images and videos do the talking for you. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video speaks a million, so over the past three years we have been busy collecting images and video footage of Fair Trade cooperatives across the globe in order to bring you the most extensive visual database of Fair Trade artisans.

You can now purchase high resolution photos and videos to use on your website and social media, and for any other promotional material. As a retailer, you can give voice to Fair Trade’s artisans by showing their videos both inside your shop and on your website. Help your customers to connect with these producers and to understand the Fair Trade supply chain, and share with them the positive impacts of Fair Trade in local communities.

But it’s not just the customers who will benefit. Fair Trade organizations have also had success in using our videos as tools for training volunteers and staff members who are new to Fair Trade.

Do the artisans you do business with have a story to tell?
Are you a producer looking to increase your market access? Seize this opportunity and hire us to film your story then showcase it to the world. Let’s work together to put Fair Trade on the map, one image at a time. Browse our large and and growing database and discover the perfect videos and images to promote your Fair Trade business.


This article was kindly written by Katie Ramsbottom, WFTO.

CORR the Jute Works [BANGLADESH]

By | Asia, Videos

Have a video project in mind?

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Our 50 Best Photos of TARA Projects [India]

By | Asia, Photos

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Photos by Ronny Hermosa

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