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Rebecca Azad

4 Ways Digital Marketing Can Transform Your Company

By | Business, Digital Marketing

We know that one of the main challenges facing fair trade organisations is finding new buyers. A way that you can alleviate the problem is by investing time in digital marketing. So what do we mean by digital marketing exactly? Well, this includes a wide variety of tools such as creating a website, using social media platforms, online videos, email campaigns, sending newsletters – to name but a few options!

The above list may sound overwhelming, but we suggest going with online platforms that work for you. You can then build on your organisation’s online presence and work on creating and updating your chosen platforms with quality written and visual content. If you still need convincing, here are 4 reasons why digital marketing can benefit your company:

1/ Interact with a whole new demographic

Reaching out to millennials will set you on the right path! Younger people are a lot more willing to support ethical and fair trade brands – your organisation can capture this opportunity. As we all know, young people are spending a lot more time online, so if you want their attention and support, you need to be sending your messages through online channels to connect with them. If you need help with a digital marketing strategy, why not look to employ digital-savvy millennials for your company? Their enthusiasm and expertise will drive your organisation’s message to the forefront and help you reach a millennial audience.

2/ Shine a spotlight on your successes

Learn to celebrate your successes! Not only will you showcase the work that you do, but it will help lift employee morale by sharing your organisation’s achievements publicly. Be proud of your work!

3/ Attract potential clientele

You can attract potential buyers through a strong online presence. Many fair trade organisations suffer from sticking with an outdated website which doesn’t convey a feeling of professionalism. A refreshed and engaging website can work wonders to help you gain the attention of potential buyers.

4/ Encourage more people to join the movement

Fair Trade organisations can appeal to consumers who are already ethically, socially and environmentally conscious. Your organisation is in a good place to gain traction with this audience – a digital marketing strategy is a way forward to capture their attention to join the Fair Trade movement.

It’s also important to understand that it’s not enough to have a website or social media pages, but it is about what you make of it that will make an impact. Work out how to use these tools to get the attention of potential buyers and ensure buyers take the specific action you want them to take.


“Your website should cause an action, not just a reaction”

– Elle Robertson


These actions can perhaps be to call you directly, downloading a product catalogue or watching a specific video. Whatever that action may be, having a digital marketing strategy means everything from setting the goals to implementing the actions, to driving the person where you want them to be and having them conclude this specific action that will lead to new buyers for your organisation.

Can Fair Trade Connection assist you with your digital marketing strategy? Get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to help!