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Social Media and Fair Trade Industry Report

We have surveyed 42 fair trade companies from 3 continents with the goal of understanding how they are using social media to grow and promote their businesses. Here is what you will discover in the full report (available in our shop):

  • Top 10 objectives companies are trying to achieve with social media
    This section reveals all the major advantages marketers are achieving with their social media efforts. We have established a ranking according to their importance to the companies.
  • Top 5 social media platforms used by fair trade companiesFair-Trade-&-Social-Media by Fair Trade Connection
    Discover which tools marketers are using, for how long they have been using them and if Northern and Southern companies use the same mix of platforms.

  • The different strategies developed by the companies
    After verifying how many companies actually had a social media strategy, we analyzed into more details where these companies focused their strategic efforts.

  • The time commitment
    We examined the weekly hours marketers invest in their social media efforts. This analysis will be helpful for marketers just getting started or those seeking support staff.

  • How much money fair trade companies invest in Social Media
    Find out what percentage of their marketing budget companies are investing in Social Media. Is this number consistent with the amount of importance companies give to social media?

  • The major problems marketers are facing
    We made a list of the major problems encountered on social networks ranked by importance. This will help you realize where additional resources could be invested in order to better perform on social platforms.

Use our conclusions and recommendations to improve your social media strategy or discover how other fair traders are dealing with social media  throughout 17 graphs and detailed statistics.


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