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What Will I Learn?

Create a strong & consistent brand identity using icons

Find hundreds of thousands of FREE icons online

Customize the icons you find to match your brand colors

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Icons are now everywhere: you will find them on your smartphone as the app icons, navigation icons and so forth; on almost every new website to present or illustrate a block of information visually, but also on print material like brochures, posters, product packaging etc.

So because it became a trend, we figured we would create a course about them so that you can learn where to find icons that work for your company and how to use them effectively to strengthen your brand.

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No Skills Required

All you need is a computer, a phone or a tablet to follow the course

Curriculum For This Course


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Finding & Customizing the Right Icons for your Business

► How to find the right icons for your projects (03:49)
► Keeping your brand consistent by downloading Packs of icons (02:46)
► Adding fun to your brand by creating patterns with icons (04:04)
► Customize and download your icons (03:54)
► Using FlatIcon for Free Vs Paying for a Premium Account (03:12)
► Stay organized by creating & using icon collections (06:08)
► How to attribute credit for the icons you use (00:53)
► Final Words (01:30)
About the teacher

Ronny Hermosa

Branding | Graphic Design | Canva

Working with entrepreneurs and businesses around the world for 7 years, Ronny developed a deep understanding of their needs and challenges. Today he wants to contribute to the success of these entrepreneurs, change makers and nonprofits by teaching them everything he knows about marketing.

His specialties are: social media marketing, visual marketing, video production, photography & storytelling.


Channel SwartFlaticon: How to Find & Customize Icons for Free

“Great instructor, could listen to him explain a rock. Great content and very useful for the branding road ahead. This is the first course I watched and guarantee that no other course will be so straightforward, helpful and fun to listen to. Well done! To the instructor: I hope you never stop making courses!”

Chanchira TriratFlaticon: How to Find & Customize Icons for Free

“One of the best courses on udemy, short and to the point. Ronny entertaining as well..Never heard of flaticon and its an awesome site”

Pierre SieurFlaticon: How to Find & Customize Icons for Free

“Ronny does a great job explaining the importance of icons. The course is quick to finish while at the same time being very thorough.
Definitely, recommend to anyone looking to understand the role and use of icons for your business!”

Andrea MangiarottiFlaticon: How to Find & Customize Icons for Free

“Down to the point, great info on how to find, download and customise icons. Experienced instructor giving clear instructions.”

Learn where to Find Thousands of Free Icons for your Business

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