Design 17  Beautiful Visuals to Promote your Business

Canva 2018 Master Course:

Graphic Design for Beginners

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What Will I Learn?

Discover a platform which is completely free and will allow you to design like a pro.

... even if you suck at design 😅

Learn the fundamentals of Canva & graphic design while having fun

Build a strong brand identity & a brand style guide for your business

Use Canva to design 17 visuals you need to promote your brand and your business

Discover how to make a positive first impression with all your designs

This course can help you & your company

Create Better Visuals

By the end of this 5-hour master course you will have created a full set of consistent visuals that will actually help you promote your brand. You will have mastered Canva and will be able to use it to produce any kind of visuals you need in the future, allowing you to save time, money and take your design skills to the next level!

Purchase Now for 29.99$Purchase Now for 29.99$

Section 1

Why you Need Canva? And why you should become better at design?

Section 2

Canva Fundamentals: getting comfortable with the app & all the design functionalities.

Section 3

Create your Brand Identity: Mission, Vision, Target Audience, Brand Personality & Core Values.

Section 4

Design your Brand Style Guide: create a document that sums up your brand’s story, logo, color palette, typography, imagery style and voice.

Section 5

Design Social Media Visuals and build a consistent presence on the most important platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Linkedin)

Section 6

Design Website & Blog Visuals like Hero Images, Featured Images & Author Photos.

Section 7

Design Business Stationaries like Letterheads, Envelopes & Business Cards.

Curriculum For This Course


What is Canva and how it can help you? (03:31) -Preview Lesson-

Course Overview (04:13) -Preview Lesson-

Why you should Become Better at Design? (02:46) -Preview Lesson-

Creating your Free Account (00:45) -Preview Lesson-


Discovering the Canva Dashboard (04:10) -Preview Lesson-
Getting familiar with Canva’s Designer Tools (07:04) -Preview Lesson-
Access thousands of Free Templates (02:23)
The 1$ elements Vs the Free elements (03:43)
Creating a Custom Dimension Project (01:39)
Downloading your Designs (02:12)
Paying to Upgrade to Canva for Work (10:09)


Your Mission (01:28)
Your Vision (00:51)
Your Target Audience (01:10)
Your Brand Personality (00:50)
Your Core Values (00:49)


Your Brand Story (12:39)
Your Logo (19:29)
Your Color Palette (11:21)
Your Typography (09:49)
Your Imagery (16:32)
Your Voice (14:57)


Facebook Profile Picture and Cover (17:11)
Instagram Quote (09:56)
YouTube Thumbnail (09:52)
YouTube Channel Art (07:30)
Twitter Post (06:25)
Twitter Banner (04:54)
LinkedIn Profile photo (02:23)
LinkedIn Banner (02:49)


Hero Images (12:33)
Icons (05:50)
Featured Images for your blog (07:13)
Author Photo/Bio (04:16)


Letterhead (16:53)
Envelopes (04:09)
Business Card (11:15)

I'm Ronny.

The creator of this Canva Master Course.

My job as a video producer & digital storyteller led me to work closely with amazing entrepreneurs and companies around the world.
One thing I’ve observed though, is that many businesses underestimate the importance of having an attractive visual identity. Often companies don’t realize that amateurish visuals can actually hurt their brand by conveying the wrong values and turning away potential customers.

I created this Master Course to introduce Canva to as many people as possible and teach them how to use it to always make a positive first impression with their visuals.


Garlyn Dela CruzCanva Master Course Student

“very helpful course”

Angela Ashley-ChiewCanva Master Course Student

“It's a great match. I have had Canva for a while and seen it's potential but been too scared to use it. The course outline is really strong and a step above other courses I have seen on using Canva and I love how the course steps users through creating REAL personalised, branded documents and templates for immediate use.”

Lucy GregsonCanva Master Course Student

“Yes - felt like it was broken down for me to understand correctly.”

Andrew HupertCanva Master Course Student

“I'm now using Canva for my professional work as a writer and university lecturer. When I started this course, I had used Canva a few times, but wasn't comfortable or confident. Ronny's practical approach and easy-to-follow instruction got me up to speed very quickly. Now I feel confident producing my own graphics, covers, charts -- and especially infographics. I particularly liked Ronny's choice of example for the learning excercises. He had us put together a full-featured style guide for our brand, which was something I was going to pay a designer a lot of money for. This course helped me improve my skills to the point where I can now do most of my graphics work myself -- and when I do have to hire a professional I'll be much more informed and confident.”

Rose ValenzuelaCanva Master Course Student

“Ronny's course is absolutely helpful for beginner and regular user of Canva app. He's passionate and skilled in graphic designing and there's no way for learners not to appreciate and learn from his course. The demos and tips are practical and helpful. Well done.”

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