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What Will I Learn?

Why you should fix your website ASAP

Why your website matters and what people expect to find on it

How to design a homepage that converts

What are the hot design trends today

How to improve user experience

How to show your impact and tell your story with visuals

This course will help your company

Create a more Professional Website

that will :

✅ gain the trust of first-time visitors,
✅ make prospects want to contact you,
✅ generate new leads for your business.

Purchase Now for 29.99$Purchase Now for 29.99$

Section 1

Will explain why you should fix your website ASAP

Section 2

Will focus on fixing your design

Section 3

Will focus on fixing your user experience

Section 4

Will focus on fixing your content

Section 5

We will finish the course by reviewing 3 companies that are doing a great job with their website

No Skills Required

All you need is a computer, a phone or a tablet to follow the course

Curriculum For This Course


Why your website matter? (05:41) -Preview Lesson-

What people expect to find on a website? (04:34)

The power of first impression (04:31)


Why you should invest in visual design (05:43)
What type of visual content do you need? (09:02)
Designing a homepage that converts (12:04)
Hot design trends today (06:29) -Preview Lesson-


Regain control by using to the right platform (07:19)
What pages does your website need? (07:14)
Make navigation easy (05:49)
Add the right features (08:06)


► Develop a clear mission statement / Value proposition (03:53)

► Show your impact (06:18)

► Tell your story through visuals (05:47)

► Improve your copy (11:52)

► The power of video (05:46)


Method Eco cleaning – retail (19:15)
Malala Fund – nonprofit (20:49)
Moeloco Flip Flops – social business (20:52)
About the teacher

Ronny Hermosa

Branding | Graphic Design | Canva

Working with entrepreneurs and businesses around the world for 7 years, Ronny developed a deep understanding of their needs and challenges. Today he wants to contribute to the success of these entrepreneurs, change makers and nonprofits by teaching them everything he knows about marketing.

His specialties are: social media marketing, visual marketing, video production, photography & storytelling.


RahishaBranding for Beginners

“The course was really insightful, made me realize that we were not paying much attention to aspects like visuals. Everything explained in easy and simple way!!! All in all a great course!!!!”

Carolina OliveiraBranding for Beginners

“Great course, very useful! Outline of the course is very good and gives space to understand and integrate the business elements that needs to be expressed trough the visual identity of a brand. I recommend it!”

Filippo MalvezziBranding for Beginners

“High-quality content, and great way to explain it all: not too quick, not too slow. Ronny managed to keep an eye on the general "umbrella subject" of business (without losing track tho!) Highly recommended!”

Elvyra SabaliauskieneBranding for Beginners

“For me, as beginner, it was qiute informative to start my eshop brand visualisation.”

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