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Our 50 Best Photos of GIE Targanine [Morocco]

By November 5, 2014Africa, Photos

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Photos by Ronny Hermosa

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Ronny Hermosa

Author Ronny Hermosa

Hi, I'm a video producer and a digital marketing consultant. With this website we wanted to build the largest video & photo library about the fair trade producers. You can purchase our content to develop your own marketing campaigns.

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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • JMD Canada says:

    Is GIE Targanine certified Fairtrade? I thought there was only one officially certified cooperative in Morocco….

  • Ronny Hermosa says:

    Hello, no GIE is not FLO certified but is recognized by several WFTO certified buyers as fairtrade.
    You are right, the only FLO certified cooperative is Tighanimine in Agadir.