Volunteer Opportunities

Fair Trade Connection is a nonprofit communication agency that works exclusively with fair trade organizations.

Impact Storytellers

Our Mission

Our mission is to help these “changemakers” tell their story and show the impact of their work. To achieve this mission we offer a full range of solutions like audiovisual content creation, logo designs, websites, product photography, product catalogs and customized digital marketing workshops.

Since our journey started, we have had the chance to visit 50+ fair trade producer organizations in Asia, Latin America and Africa, among which 30 were WFTO members. For each of them we’ve collected a great deal of visual content that we (or other fair trade retailers) have used for visual storytelling. All those shootings with the producers have contributed to creating the largest library of interviews, B-rolls and photos about the fair trade producers to date. So far we have worked exclusively for fair trade but we want to expand our services to all social/ethical businesses.

Why We Need You?

We are proud of what has been accomplished so far but also conscious that 2 people alone working for this agency can only do so much! That is why we want to invite you to be a part of the Fair Trade Connection adventure and help us raise awareness of Fair Trade by volunteering with us.