Who We Are

We are not a regular

Communication Agency

Fair Trade Connection is a communication agency that works exclusively with fair trade organizations, nonprofits, and social/ethical businesses. In other words, our customers are organizations trying to make a positive change in this world!  We exist since 2011.

Impact Storytellers

Our Mission

Our mission is to help these “changemakers” tell their story and show the impact of their work. To achieve this mission we offer a full range of solutions like audiovisual content creation, logo designs, websites, product photography, product catalogs and customized digital marketing workshops.

Since our journey started, we have had the chance to visit 50+ fair trade producer organizations in Asia, Latin America and Africa, among which 30 were WFTO members. For each of them we’ve collected a great deal of visual content that we (or other fair trade retailers) have used for visual storytelling. All those shootings with the producers have contributed to creating the largest library of interviews, B-rolls and photos about the fair trade producers to date. So far we have worked exclusively for fair trade but we want to expand our services to all social/ethical businesses.

Meet Our Team

Here’s the hardworking and creative family behind Fair Trade Connection.

Ronny Hermosa

Filmmaker & Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi, I'm a video producer and a digital marketing consultant. With this website, we wanted to build the largest video & photo library about the fair trade producers. You can purchase our content to develop your own marketing campaigns.

Diana Munoz

Photographer & Digital Marketing Specialitst

Hey, I'm Diana! I help organizations show the impacts of fair trade to their customers through photos and videos. I also provide workshops to help these organizations improve their digital marketing skills. My specialties include digital media, branding, graphic design, photography, and videography.

Kara Morgan

Photographer & Filmmaker

Fair Trade Connection trained me to become a Fair Trade Ambassador for the chance to tell the stories of organizations making a difference in people’s lives. Little did I know, it would mean eating my weight in Bengali fish, playing ukulele for schoolchildren, and 20+ hour train rides across India. I currently put my skills as a videographer, photographer, and food enthusiast to use at Fair Trade Forum - India organizations.

Our Services

Our specialty is to help social/ethical businesses and fair trade organizations show the impact of their work in order to attract more customers, donors, and volunteers.

Here’s what we offer:

Our Specialty

Video Production & Photo Shoots

We travel to gather the stories of your producers (artisans/farmers) through video and photography.

Video Editing

We create customized videos using the content we have collected for you during a shooting or existing content from our media library.

4300+ Stock Photos

We know how difficult it is to get quality photos from your producers around the world. The good news is, we’ve been traveling and collecting their photos for many years.

Product Photography

Get beautiful photos of your products with white/black background or lifestyle format.

Capacity Building

We have created an educational online platform for changemakers.

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